AGAVE Landscaping

NM LICENSE # 362245


AGAVE provides high quality professional services for all of your residential landscaping needs.  We can work with you to renovate a previous yard, or create a new design based upon your ideas, the soil and condition of your property.

We are easy to work with and we provide great service, creative landscaping solutions and high quality results at a very reasonable price.  Here’s just a sampling of what we can do for you:

Walkways, also known as Hardscaping, can add continuity and flow between your house and garden.  Such additions  to your landscaping can be created from brick, wood, concrete pavers and stone.  

Xeriscape, is a very popular landscaping solution.  We specialize in creating drought tolerant landscaping which will help control your water usage, as well as being easy to maintain.

Water Features, nothing is more relaxing than coming home to a nice, peaceful backyard with the sound of gently falling water.  A special water feature or a small waterfall and pond can turn an ordinary yard into your private retreat.

Maybe your property has some drainage issues that need to be resolved?  One of the most important aspects of landscaping is proper drainage.  It can eliminate flooding problems plus poor drainage can effect how plants and lawns grow.  

Irrigation,  Maybe you want to do your own landscaping but you’d like some help setting up an effective irrigation system for your project?  No problem.  We can focus our efforts on installing a irrigation system that will meet your current and future needs.  We can also take care of any irrigation repair or maintenance issues you have.



Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Repair  

Bubbler and Drip Systems

New Yards  

Patios and Walkways

Creative Patio Covers

Gravel and Sod

Retaining and Block Walls

Waterfalls and Ponds

Special Water Features

Concrete and Pavers

Creative Xeriscapes

Backyard Transformations

Front Yard Make Overs

Walls and Fencing

Drainage Solutions

AGAVE Landscaping

For all your landscaping needs:

Xeriscape backyard with pavers and

crushed rock walkways.

Special Waterfall and Pond.

New backyard lawn with stuccoed block wall.